When it comes to seafood, there’s nothing quite like the addictive taste of prawns. Whether you enjoy them grilled, sautéed, or in a flavorful curry, prawns are a delicacy that is loved by seafood enthusiasts all over the world. And if you’re looking for a place to satisfy your prawn cravings, look no further than our restaurant chain, which boasts 39 branches in 9 countries.

The Secret to Our Addictive Prawns

What makes our prawns so addictive? It’s all in the quality and freshness. We source our prawns from the finest suppliers, ensuring that only the freshest and most succulent prawns make it to your plate. Our chefs then work their magic, using a combination of traditional and innovative cooking techniques to bring out the natural flavors of the prawns.

Whether you prefer them grilled with a hint of smokiness, or tossed in a tangy sauce, our prawns are guaranteed to leave you craving for more. The secret lies in the balance of flavors and textures, creating a truly addictive taste that keeps our customers coming back for more.

A Global Presence

With 39 branches spread across 9 countries, our restaurant chain has made its mark on the international culinary scene. From bustling city centers to serene coastal towns, you can find our branches in some of the most vibrant and picturesque locations around the world.

Each branch has its own unique ambiance, reflecting the local culture and cuisine. Whether you’re dining at our beachfront location in Bali or enjoying the city views from our rooftop restaurant in New York, you’ll be treated to the same addictive taste of our prawns.

More Than Just Prawns

While our prawns are the star of the show, our menu offers a wide range of seafood and non-seafood options to cater to all tastes. From fresh fish and lobster to vegetarian dishes and delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone at our restaurants.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our ingredients. We strive to provide exceptional service and a memorable dining experience to each and every one of our customers. From the moment you step into our restaurant to the last bite of your meal, we want you to feel welcomed and satisfied.

Join Us for an Addictive Dining Experience

Whether you’re a seafood lover or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, our restaurant chain is the perfect destination. With our addictive prawns, global presence, and commitment to quality, we promise to take your taste buds on a journey like no other.

Visit one of our 39 branches in 9 countries and discover the addictive taste that has made us a favorite among seafood enthusiasts worldwide. We look forward to serving you and creating a dining experience that you’ll remember long after your meal.